Prenatal and Baby yoga – with Kata Cooper

My Yoga practice deepened in 2011, when I spent a year in the magical island of Bali doing my Spa and massage therapist diploma. I practiced Hatha Yoga to start with, then did my Hatha yoga instructor course to deepen my studies. Soon after I met Ashtanga, which is my preferred practice today.


When i fell pregnant with my first son, I started to go to prenatal yoga classes, and felt the benefits straight away, not just the fact that the practice was adjusted to my new needs, but meeting other pregnant mums, share the experience, the joy and the worries, was just what I needed. That is why I strongly encourage mums-to-be to join a prenatal class. It is very important to get ready for the whole pregnancy, the birth and post-natal period physically emotionally and mentally, but also great opportunity to meet friends and feel understood, share all questions, and of course the happiness and excitement of this very special period of a woman’s life.

Same applies for the Mums and Bubs (baby) yoga. It is a very beautiful but also a very hard period for the new mummies. Specially for first time mums. Everything is crazy. Beautiful but scary at the same time. Attending yoga classes designed for Mums with their babies will benefit mums to get their physical strength back, but also help to gain confidence in themselves, share all the new experiences, make friends, feel understood, and deepen the connection with their little ones. Benefits for babies are wonderful. Babies who attending baby yoga classes are generally calmer, happier and better sleepers. Classes are designed to benefit their mental and physical development via massage, little games, rhymes.


Birth preparation class

When a Baby comes to this world, a Mother and a Father are also born. In this small group session we are preparing together for the last few weeks of the pregnancy and for The Big Day – the birth, and the first weeks with the newborn. We will talk about perineal massage, pelvic floor exercises, and I will show you how to perform a pregnancy massage. We will also go through the physiology of the birth, and learn breathing techniques and massage techniques and the use of aromatherapy to help manage labor pain, and will discuss the different positions during labor. We will talk about how the support person can help during labor and delivery. And give advise how to deal with the physical and emotional sides of the postpartum period for the new mum but also for the new dad.


I love that I am a part of this beautiful journey of a woman becoming a Mum.

Kata Cooper, yoga instructor

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